Spring your website into 2018


That Subway Rider Going to Work

Think for a moment of those folks, standing on a platform or crowded onto a trolly car while looking at your website on their phone. Can you picture it? That's your audience.

Improve SEO

Google's New Mobile 1st indexing has already gone into its first phase of rollout in December of 2017, and over the next few seasons, they will be adjusting their search algorithms to look at mobile content exclusively for search results. Since most search queries today originate from phones and tablets, it only makes sense for Google to meet this trend. This makes having your site perform well on mobile devices a top priority.

Social Marketing

People want to share interesting content with their colleagues and friends, and when they do, that content gets more recognition from the search engines. Creating new and fresh content on your website is what gets the search engines looking at you, and a good part of how your page is ranked has to do with how many people are attracted to it. We use simple forms so you can keep your site up to date and push information out to social media.

Less Talk More Show

Make landing pages with fewer words and bolder fonts. Use those landing pages to attract attention, and then bring the reader into the story. This makes for interesting content that attracts your reader to dive deeper into your site while enriching your statistics to the search engines. After all, your audience will be attracted to concise messages when they are limited to a phone's small screen when reading.

Images That Perform Well

Everyone is attracted to pictures and movies, but large files cause a page to load slowly on mobile devices. We allow you to easily add pictures from your camera or file, and take care of scaling it so that it performs perfectly on a phone as well as a 40 inch TV.
Upgrading your site to being Mobile First, Mobile Friendly and simple to update is very simple and very affordable. get in touch with us before April 1st and we'll migrate your site and give you a years hosting for only $499, satisfaction guaranteed.