Using A Samsung 360 camera


Hey Mark,

Congratulations on finishing The Shiraz refit, or at least on making enough progress with it to have a comfortable voyage to Key West. And, thanks so much for agreeing to take a Samsung 360 camera with you. It's a very simple and basic functioning device, but the photosphere images it delivers can be outstanding, and adding them to a web page so they can be seen on anything from a phone to VR goggles is very simple.

Step one is learning the settings on the thing, and step 2 is taking the pictures with it. So here's the skinny.

I've charged the battery and put a 32gig clean sim card in it, so it should be all set to go for your whole trip. If it needs a charge at some point, which is doubtful, I've included a micro USB cord.

Controls on the camera

  • One side of the camera is the access panel for the sim card and USB port, and
  • the other side is a 2 button control panel.
    • The bottom button is on/off (hold it in for a few seconds until you hear a chirp), and
    • The top button controls the functions;
      1. photo
      2. video
      3. time lapse
      4. video lopping (waste of time)
      5. And settings

The button on top is the trigger and also the confirm button for the camera settings.

I'll be updating the instructions on this page and you can use the QR code to get the page URL automatically.

Also Video

By all means, use your smart-phone to get video and pictures. I suggest using the landscape display rather than the portrait. All display's from phones to Movie theatres have screen dimension ratios that are close to 16 wide to 9 height. Also, record at the highest resolution and the highest frame rates possible. I can edit in slow motion very easily. normal playback is 30 fps and you can record at 60 fps on most phones. Grab a selfie stick at the Walmart down there. I got one for a buck once but, I'm not making promises for island prices.