Conway Scenic Map


No matter how well you think you've designed a form for someone to use, there are always questions. and they are commonly simple ones too. Simple problems deserve simple solutions though, and a help section with a few words is worth the time for any form that you want to get filled in. That being said, a picture is worth a thousand words, and better still, a short video is worth a thousand pictures.

Our state liquor system generates over $108mil in revenue from out of state visitors and another $46mil from New Hampshire's own population of drinkers.  Who says socialism isn't a good thing!

New Hampshire is the only state in the country that has a total hold on the retail and wholesale distribution of hard alcohol. Although there are several other "Control States"



Here is the auto road


saved at 300dpi, I've isolated only the lines.  This way the text can get dropped in at 300dpi as well as the circles too.
I want to draw the lines w/ you online .... I have a feeling I won't have them exact, and finding the right line the second time is going to be messy


Are PDF files Mobile Friendly?

PDF files may be great for distributing content that needs to be printed in a pre-defined format, a poster that fits on a certain paper stock for instance, but people are reading on all kinds of devices these days, and paper is really the least common medium. They have their function, but over the past quarter-century, HTML with styling from CSS has become the format of choice for delivering text and image layouts. It universally accommodates printing, displaying on phones, displaying on tablets and displaying on HDMI screens of any size.


Knock on wood, but we will always have paper. No matter how much we want to go digital, be online, and be mobile, there is always a desire to print, and with printing, 2 things come to mind, PDF files and QR codes.


That Subway Rider Going to Work

Think for a moment of those folks, standing on a platform or crowded onto a trolly car while looking at your website on their phone. Can you picture it? That's your audience.

Improve SEO


Hey Mark,

Congratulations on finishing The Shiraz refit, or at least on making enough progress with it to have a comfortable voyage to Key West. And, thanks so much for agreeing to take a Samsung 360 camera with you. It's a very simple and basic functioning device, but the photosphere images it delivers can be outstanding, and adding them to a web page so they can be seen on anything from a phone to VR goggles is very simple.

Step one is learning the settings on the thing, and step 2 is taking the pictures with it. So here's the skinny.